Red Blinkey KIT - RB-3 Green Blinkey KIT - RB-3
Yellow/Amber Blinkey KIT - RB-3 Blue Blinkey KIT - RB-3

This kit is perfect for kid toys, and model trains. Add a box, sit it on the dash of your car, use it as an auto burglar alarm. Comes with two 5mm LED's that alternately flash.
Power requirement: 9 Volt battery or 6 to 15v DC. - SIZE: .75" x 1"
Here is the instruction sheet for this kit.
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RED - RB-3 Kit $3.95 Quantity:

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GREEN - GB-3 Kit $3.95 Quantity:

YELLOW / AMBER - YB-3 Kit $3.95 Quantity:

HI INTENSITY BLUE - BBH-3 Kit $4.25 Quantity:

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