Photo of Kit You can control up to 4 separate devices with DTMF tones from anywhere in the world using your telephone!
Simply connect your Phone Tone Genie to your phone line and program in a security code using DTMF tones up to 16 digits in length with your telephone. Any device connected to the Phone Tone Genie can then be turned on or off by entering your security code. Each device may operate from 120v AC and up to 2 Amps. Have you ever wanted to call home and turn a device ON or OFF, from across town or anywhere in the world? Turn the lights on and off when you're on vacation. Start your furnace so the house is warm when you get home from work. Additional interface electronics may be required. You can switch your incoming phone line to your fax machine, or your computer.
Would you like to listen for sounds in your house?
Sometimes when you're at work, or when you're on vacation, you get that uneasy feeling - what's going on at home or maybe your office? With the Phone Tone Genie, along with the AA-1 Super Snooper Big Ear, you can hear everything. (The AA-1 is a highly sensitive amplifier kit which we have available.)
Connect the Phone Tone Genie to your radio speaker. If you are a volunteer Firefighter, Policeman, or an amateur radio operator, set the Phone Tone Genie to a pre-determined code. Connect the Phone Tone Genie to your scanner or ham radio, and when the Genie hears this code it connects the speaker and you are able to receive your personal message, without listening to that trying audio all day long.
To use your Phone Tone Genie unit in any capacity you must have a device which answers the phone line such as an answering machine. When the answering machine completes the connection, and the code is entered, the Phone Tone Genie takes over and performs the function it was designed to do.
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