Educational Touch Switch KIT - EBTS-10 Learn how modern switching technology fits into your projects! Do away with noisy mechanical switches that wear out! Lightly put pressure on the EBTS-10 Touch Switch and the (lights, CD player, appliances) come on. Touch the switch again, and it goes off. Based on the LM555 Timer running in mono-stable (timing) mode, as well as the CD4518 Dual BCD Up counter (used as a "flip-flop"), this kit includes a Relay Driver Transistor and a DPDT relay whose contacts are rated at 1.5 amps. You can switch a 300 watt appliance with the EBTS-10.
Power requirement 5vDC, size 2.25" x 2.75"
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EBTS-10 Kit $12.95 Quantity:

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