Photo of Kit The most important part of a CAR ALARM is the red flashing light on the dash of your auto. This is what the thief sees first, in most cases, this is a deterrent to the sinister person taking your prized possession, your automobile. For those of you that do not solder well, we have already built this baby, even tested it to see if it works. All you need to do is to mount it in your dash or maybe install it into a small box, supply 12vDC to the wires supplied and, look out thieves! Operating voltage comes directly from the vehicles battery. This can also be installed into your home's front door, at each window or any prominent place for thieves to see.
For home use we recommend a wall transformer
WT-1, PC Board size .75" x 1"
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CAR-1 Built $9.95 Quantity:

WT-1 Wall Transformer $4.95 Quantity:

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